Study better.

Build up your knowledge database and remember more.

Markdown editor

Add notes and structure them with markdown using headers, lists, code blocks, quotes, and more.

Review system

Every note goes through the review cycle in 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, etc. Read it and update it with new data. That will help you remember the material better.


Add space-repetition cards (question/answer). They will pop up in the Quiz section according to the quiz cycle (similarly to Anki).

Knowledge base

All your notes constitute your knowledge base. Organize it using tags and easily find what you need using full-text search.

Focus mode

Remove distractions and focus on what's important.

Build your personal knowledge network.

With Rekowl you connect notes to each other adding ids in text like this [[157]] which should be familiar to Zettelkasten practitioners.

Public notes.

Throw a couple of meta tags and make your note visible to the world. Here's one of mine - How to organize your knowledge?

Your data belongs to you.

Your notes, tags, links, are all just text. Download all your data as an archive of markdown files anytime.

Study better.


How to learn efficiently?

Oh, it's a fascinating topic. I have recently written an article on learning and knowledge management, have a look!

Why rich editor?

Rekowl editor is loosely based on markdown. That allows our users to structure information better than with the plain text. Elements like headers, bulleted lists, citations, and others are good for comprehension.

How reviewing works?

We believe in repetition. Every time you re-read your note, you get a chance to better understand, and to improve retention in your head. Thus reviewing your notes allows for better comprehension and remembering.

How do I tag my note?

Just add a word starting with # anywhere in your note. If you're familiar with Twitter, you should understand the concept. All your tags are always there on the left sidebar, you can use them to categorize notes.

That's why we came up with reviewing system. Every note go through 7 levels. Every time you review a note, it updates to the next level. Each level require more time till note is reviewable. So the first time you review your not in 1 week, and the last time in 6 month.

Can I export my data?

Yes. You can download your data at any moment. After all, your notes are just markdown files. To do this, go to Settings / Export.

Can I remove my account?

Yes. Go to Settings / Delete Account. Note that will completely remove all your data, so don't forget to export your notes first.